Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER ...........18th MAY 2011

I certainly didn't finish as strong or any where near like I wanted to do, but oh boy I HAVE LEARNT heaps.
To any one that is reading this blog....please don't give up, this program is amazing and it does work.  
I now weigh 96.1kg.....and I  haven't done any exercise or watched what I am eating for at least 3 - 4 weeks.  One can only imagine how much I would have lost if I had kept up the exercise and the eating plan.  I do plan on bringing in a lot of the recipes into my everyday life coz they are delicious plus oh so tasty.
I also do want to exercise and keep going, even if the eating isn't as good.  If you fall off the wagon, DON'T STRESS ABOUT IT, just continue the eating plan the next meal.  AND feel good that you did continue.  We are all entitled to make mistakes, and I made quite a few while on this change.
To keep you motivated keep reading the blogs and try and stay in touch as much as you can with other people that are on this program.

When I eventually start what I shouldn't have stopped, I will blog again.


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