Monday, May 2, 2011

Day Seventy One

Biggest Loser Finale................................excellent show to watch....they are all so amazing.  I really find the ones that have lost the weight without all that help - the one's that got eliminated earlier in the show - are amazing, they know they have eyes on them but then they have all the temptations out here in the real world.
But I also love the ones on the show too, coz they have had to do all the exercises set out for them......they are amazing also.
and then we can't forget COMMANDO - how frigging good does he look (hahaha and I haven't even seen him yet BUT I know he will look good, he looks good in anything and nothing.....(sweet as)
Nice, just seen him.  I would do as many burpees as i could to get a cuddle :)  :)  :)

No exercise but I did do a lot of gardening....
Cheers :)

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