Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reflections on Australia Day

Well what an interesting Australia Day....very was just myself.   It ended up being a good day for a bit of soul searching and reflection.  I sat outside in my BBQ area with my laptop, while having some Australia Day beers ( yes, I know I shouldn't have and I did  have too many). 
I have great neighbours and they came over with damper earlier in the morning and we enjoyed coffee, damper and a lovely chat, the rest of the day was spent nearly searching 12WBT site.  
Honestly, I really get lost looking around and reading everyones successes and even their bad luck.  I just think to myself it is good to hear that someone else goes through the same as what I do. (I don't mean its good that they have bad luck either)   
Well I have to leave now but I will be back, as I haven't even started on how good my soul searching was.
See you soon.
Cheers :)

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