Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bought My Bible today "Crunch Time & Crunch Time Cookbook by Mish"

Big W has these books available here in Toowoomba for $24.88.  Read this on the chats somewhere in the forums and I made sure I went there today to buy one hoping they would still be there and they had quite a few, thank goodness.
So much to read :)    and I love reading at night time if I am not on here of course or in the 12WBT site....

GOING back to yesterday and my day of reflections, I really think everything that I have been reading and thinking about is somehow going into my head AND staying there :)   , I mean I didn't even have any chips or dip yesterday and that is AMAZING.....I was naughty though coz I was having some beers but at least I didn't have the other crap to go with it.

I am starting to think that my drinking and my eating is my companion (haha, a good mate that is killing me slowly)  as well, even though I am not lonely or do I feel alone,but of course, sometimes I do get lonely but not very often.  

The weekends are the hardest for me, coz I love to have a drink and a chat even if it is on Facebook and not in person, but I think I will try and see if I can encourage a friend of mine who also wants to lose weight into joining as well, even if I have to pay for her and then she can pay me back later :)    A great friend would be good to have on this adventure......into the unknown..   Then we can kick each others ass to get going!

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