Friday, February 25, 2011

Day Four - Late Blog :(

Well Thursday was quite challenging, here I am ready to have my Thai Chicken Salad with Avocado and my friend asks if I would like to have Thai Chicken Red Curry (for lunch) with her (mind you this is what I normally have too, and absolutely lovve ittt!!!!!)  But......I, being such a well behaved person politely declined and made my salad.  The Thai Chicken Salad was absolutely delicious, and I didn't feel so bloated after it either like I normally do with the other dish, especially when you mix it, like I usually do all the time, with coconut rice.
Exercises went well, but I forgot to do the stretches.
Something I did do which I have never done before is STAY on the X Trainer for 15 minutes (was meant to be doing bike but I got mixed up with the days!!!!!)  when I started on the x trainer I found it very hard on my leg muscles and kept stopping but I was really getting annoyed with myself for stopping all the time so the last time I wanted to stop I was just so determined to work through that pain and do it...................I Bloody Did.....I was freaking astounded.   and it did stop hurting.  Most likely needed to work harder at it but I still kept on going which was so amazing, and I was so pleased with myself. 
Dinner was nice for the night but not too sure about the wholegrain mustard in it.  Loved the steak !
Cheers :)

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