Friday, February 25, 2011

Day Five

Well, I made it thru Friday night and I only had one drink.........clap, clap, clap :)  I had the pizza thingy but was still hungry a bit after it, and it tasted better than what I thought it would too.  
Today I had to go to town and I had a Chicken Kebab from Donor Kebab so I am hoping it was ok calorie wise, i only had the small one with lettuce tomato and onion and a bit of special sauce.
Did the gym machine exercises and I even remembered the stretches.
Hope to go real well tomorrow and do a couple of sessions at home, plus the gardening which is way over due.
I can tell by my clothing that i have lost weight already........looking forward to weigh in, and I am really trying hard not to weigh myself all the time, just waiting for Wednesday morning....
Night :)


  1. OH man it deleted my entire comment! Ok so this one will be much shorter but YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Well done and it is great when we start to see results eh? It is awesome you remembered your stretches not just for the fitness tests but because it will assist in preventing injury. Kudos to you! Take care, Chloe

  2. Wow, Chloe. Just read your blog and what you are going to do is simply astounding. Hope you can write about your journey all the way.
    Stay Safe and thank you for your encouragement and kind words.
    Cheers Karen