Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day Two

Oh my god, WEIGH IN tomorrow, seems so quick but at least next week should be better I believe.  
Well I stuck to my food again, I might be adding a little bit extra but I am still being extremely good, I am so PROUD of me :)
Todays lunch,  which was Chicken and Grape Salad with Goats Feta and Walnuts , was absolutely delicious.  I actually thought it was going to be terrible because I don't add fruit to any of my salads ever.  Even the lunch yesterday was great, mind you I was bloody hungry coz I was busy shopping but I didn't buy anything I shouldn't have......three cheers for me ..... it was a Carrot tabbouleh wrap with hummus(is that the way you spell it, I am not sure) and I even like that.   
Dinner was nice but I am still hungry, so I might have a bit of yoghurt later and a green tea I think.
Exercise went well , I went and did the gym work in my GymGarage, changed a few things but should be ok I think. Time will tell.  I know my arms and legs will be sore tomorrow, well I think they will be anyway.  But I really must step up my cardio, just not doing enough.  
I had to laugh at my HRM, I checked it at one stage and it said 200, I thought shit.....I should be dead.....then I checked five seconds later......and it was......99.....wow, I recover extremely quick....hahahaha.   Need another one.  Would absolutely love to win one of the Polar ones up in the first surprise.  Gotta Be In It To Win It :)
Cheers Big Ears.... :)

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