Saturday, February 5, 2011

Struggling :(

The Bloody Weekend - as soon as the weekend starts to nudge its way towards me I feel as if I can relax with my eating and drinking, like its a reward time.   I really need to get my head around the weekends coz they are real hard for me.   I didn't drink too much last night - only two beers & one vodka ( in a big glass and with tonic water and lime) but that was only because I had to drive later to pick up my daughter and her friend.   But I still had shit food, but not as bad as normal.    Frozen crumbed fish and wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, (fish & chips was baked in the oven).   
Ah Well, have to slap my self in the face and kick myself in the backside and JFDI.


  1. Hey karen. Whats up with the weekend?? Therer are 12 of the stinking things in the challenge ... You need a plan girl!!

    Have you added up your calories for that night? Like honestly added them up? Your drinks are at least a meal on their own. And the sour cream?? And wedges?? Oh my!!! We need a plan i tell ya! Lets get one! Think deeper ... How are you going to over ome this? I know you are a winner inside!!

  2. Hi Kath, yeah I know its bad, but I have changed my weekend habits, they certainly aren't as bad as what they were. Baby steps I suppose, but the weekends will be something I will really struggle with. But I will win in the end. I haven't even started counting calories yet. I love the, ummmm, talking to you gave me. Thanks.....