Friday, February 4, 2011

Walk/Run 3rd day

Well my knee was playing up and I was worried if I ran with it the way it was I would make it worse, so I decided to do  a good walk on the Treadmill instead...  I didn't follow the C25k program, but what I did was walk at 4km while watching tv and then on the adds I fast walked at 5k's which I thought was ok.  Hopefully later on I will be able to run, especially coz I have committed to doing the Peak to Park walk/run here in Toowoomba..:)
I am still not counting calories but I am eating a lot healthier.
I am always nervous about the weekends, because that is usually when I will have a few drinks then eat crap food.  Well tonight I can't because I have to go into town.
Have a Good Day & JFDI

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