Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day Fourteen

Wow, what a Sunday........Peak to Park 4km walk....ran a little bit...  DONE !!  :)
Now I am home and realised I didn't stretch so I am actually starting to get a bit sore, shall do some more exericse later this arvo I think.  Maybe that will fix it.
Good to see Amanda and Gail again, we decided we will try and get out to maybe Clifton to catch up with some other ladies.  
I have found out about some Zumba and Bootcamp classes here in Highfields, so I shall be trying to do at least one a week.  My daughter actually wants to do some too, that will be fun with her.  Shame they don't have them on a Saturday for my SSS !!!

My feet are quite sore from today......well this morning really, considering now it is only 10am.

See you all later :)

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