Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day Thirteen -Late Post again......

Excellent weekend really, Saturday I did a good workout in my GymGarage, most likely not a SSS but still real good.  Will be deftinately investing in a Polar watch so I can easily see how many calories burnt.  Also did about 20min of a Zumba dvd., plus weights and 10 min on X Trainer.  
I did have a small chocolate mud  cake cupcake yesterday though.  I know , I know , I shouldn't have but ........too late now.  Shall do ten extra pushups and add them to the ones I still haven't done because of the wrong answers on that calorie questionnaire thingy of MB's.

Dinner was the Herbed Yoghurt sauce with Chicken and then I added some baked Potatoe chips, more sweet potatoe than the other :)

No ALCOHOL, bloody amazing.......I know it sounds like I am an alcoholic but I am not, I just love to have drinks and they taste so bloody amazing......don't get me started on beer....

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