Friday, March 11, 2011

Day Nineteen

Friday at last, but still no effing good am I ??  I know it is amazing considering how I use to be.  Mind you, it would not take long to slide back either.   So badly wanted to eat what my daughter was having for dinner - which was that Yum Cha - but instead I went and had a shower and said to her if there is any left over hide it in the fridge so I can't see it.   So I just had some low fat yoghurt instead....... :)

I only did about 20 minutes of cardio today, I just couldn't get into anything else which I know is bad, I shall try and make up for it tomorrow.

Had the Pizza for dinner tonight, it was nice but I think the previous ones are tastier.  I have just been going thru my old Oxygen magazines and they are so inspiring plus they have some fantastic recipes in them, so shall be trying some of them for sure.

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