Friday, March 11, 2011

Day Eighteen (THURSDAY) - and another late post

So busy trying to do my montage for Mish that I forgot about posting.  I am even going to put some fat pictures of me up on it, which I absolutely hate but we will certainly see the change at the end of the program......

I am so loving this Polar HRM, I did some exercise yesterday for 1hr:27min and burnt 475 calories.  
My food intake was ok, but definately was a bit harder because I wasn't organised and didn't take lunch with me and then for dinner I had a forequarter lamb chop - I did trim the fat off but it was still a no, no.  Won't be having them any more.  I couldn't have the lamb cutlets, they are way too dear for me to buy.   Bloody food, it is so expensive sometimes to buy the right things and then you throw in kids that are fussy it can be quite challenging.  I really need to get more organised for the coming week with my eating plan......
See you later, Stay Happy :)

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