Friday, March 18, 2011

Day Twenty Five - THURSDAY :)

Shit......another late blog....bugger....

Really didn't feel like exercise yesterday afternoon after work, but I did it. I tried to do it as fast as I could but still do it properly.  I have decide I do not like AB exercises anymore, they are so friggin hard and I am so weak there I think.   My cardio side is going well and so are my weights but I do need to increase my kg. I just can't afford to at the moment.
Food was ok, I had half serve of the reccomended Mushroom risotto because we had the best grilled marinated steak (bought it from coles on special  33%off :) ), and it was so delicious I had some of that...most likely too much but it was worth it.
See you later this arvo or tonight.  Happy Friday

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