Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Twenty Four

Well another day done and dusted, biggest weight-loss for me yet - 1.6kg.  Really happy with that.   I am so amazed at myself the way I have just stuck to this.  I mean,.....I still have chips in the pantry along with biscuits and a few other yummy good things, but I just haven't had them and the feeling for some of them just doesn't worry me.   It feels so good to be in control of what I eat, now I just have to keep that control.  

Dinner didn't go that well tonight, I only had basa fish and it didn't taste that great, I didn't mind the crumbing side of it, it was the taste of the fish.......thats where you get what you pay for though.
Matt & Jade didn't enjoy it either, so I think it will be better fish from now on.  Then I ate too much fish...!! ( even though it didn't taste that great....go figure)
Ok, I am going to check out the inside of my eyelids.  Goodnight

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