Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day Twenty Two - MONDAY

Woops, sleep got in the way of me doing this post last night......
Today went well, eating was ok, exercise got done.  Really finding some of the Ab exercises a bit hard though, and I have noticed more strength in my legs, ..........just wish every one could see what I feel,....... but then the fat would have to be gone, (it will happen but I suppose it will just take time).

You know when your putting some pants on, well I have always struggled with lifting my right leg up and the knee bending but today it did not hurt and that is really amazing coz I have had pain there for so long its ridiculous.    
Not happy about the calories I am burning when exercising, I only burnt 341 calories yesterday after what I thought was working quite hard for an hour. I know its better than nothing but ........
See Ya Later

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