Friday, January 28, 2011

The Weekend Is Here

My dear blog, here I sit pondering about my weight loss  while.....stupidly......having another beer !!!!!!!
Obviously my brain is not in gear properly, but I still truly believe I will lose weight.  Just reading about everything on site and then I have started reading her book,.......Bloody hell, do yourself a favour and go and buy it.  It would have to be the best book I have bought in ages ( well besides some of my Cake Decorating  
I truly have wasted so much time on the 12WBT site, its absolutely ridiculous.  

TASK 3 - Take Control
I love this one, trying to work it out is another challenge, but I think I will end up rewarding myself with a cruise at the end.  Should try and set up a 12WBT there is a great idea....have lots of them but don't follow them through very well.


  1. Definitely a good idea! And would be extra encouragement for all of us because of the swimsuit factor :)
    Kathy (carebearkathy on 12WBT)

  2. Dear Karen

    LOVE the idea of a cruise :)

    You WON the "It's All About Me" journal over on my blog :)

    Congratulations!!! Yah!!!

    Could you please email me your addy at:
    rvavic {at} internode {dot} on {dot} net

    I'll send it to you tomorrow :)