Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time to Run Again......shall stretch my legs this time

Not really looking forward to this but I will 'JFDI".  I know it is good for me.......

Gear Up... well I would love a Polar HRM but I will make do with what I have for now, shall reward myself later with one I think.
I need to do some work in my garage, which is where I don't put my car, bloody silly really but ah well.  I am going to turn it into my little gym I think.  I have a weight machine in there already, Treadmill in the lounge for hanging clothes on, a Rowing Machine in my bedroom so I can trip over it, and a Cross Trainer thingy in the Lounge too for hanging clothes on as well.    I won't even begin to mention the exercise dvd's I have or the Wii fit type games.....unreal....oh...I also have a step.    Ha...now to organise the  garage, that is a challenge. 

 I have heaps I want to give away to the flood victims but they can't even use the furniture because they have no house to put it in :( ........feel so much for them.
I might try and sell it and donate a lot of the money to Grantham I think.  Not sure yet, need to speak to someone about it all.

OK off to put my shoes on :)

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