Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day Seventeen

I am feeling a bit out of sorts today regarding exercise, mind you I did about two hours of raking and whipper snipping since my lawn mower has broken down once again.   I was quite sore afterwards so I decided not to do any exercise......not very good.  I just felt like I needed a rest.  
My eating plan was still good though, maybe a bit extra in portions but not too much.
Quite tired tonight but if I go to bed I won't sleep any way, then when I do get to bed I always wake up and feel as if I need to stretch.  

I was hoping for a better weight loss than 1kg, after all the exercise I have been doing and how strict I have been I thought maybe 2kg....but ah well it is still a loss.    Matt (son) said but you are most likely building muscle as well and I thought well I would be too, ........................................I know I am coz I feel stronger.  Ok thats my complaint for today.... now onto the next one :)


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