Friday, April 22, 2011

Day Sixty - THURSDAY

Late again, such is life.   I am definitely becoming too relaxed with my diet stuff, It seems to be that I notice I am losing weight still so for some reason I have to eat.  Self Sabotage back at it again, she is such a bitch, and I can't figure out why, I did come to the realisation last night in the shower that I was just thinking that for some reason I don't deserve to be nice and slim.......................what the?????   There is so much more I need to find out about why I sabotage my weight loss but I don't know how.   I think the main thing is not to let that nasty SS creep in too much.  
Mind you, I didn't even help today with no exercise and then eating some violet crumble and choc coated peanuts !!!!!!!! 
I really want to see 95kg or less on the scales,  I shall keep plodding along and hopefully have a LOT of light bulb moments to show me the way.

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